sobota, 24 sierpnia 2013

Keep the face !

MaskMe is one of the coolest ideas which I found recently. This masks look so authentic and real. Perfect for a party or going out you'll have fun to mask !

środa, 21 sierpnia 2013

CATPOD by Daria Piotrowska

That's gonna be a little crazy idea for today,but is it not cute? I would say even fancy :) Why not? :) If you travel a lot and you can't live without your favourite pet take him with you in this new fancy CATPOD  by Daria Piotrowska, provides comfort for both users.

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czwartek, 15 sierpnia 2013

Jellies, cheeseburgers or condoms?

Hi everyone look what I found. This is design of phenomenal brand Mr. Gugu & Miss Go.  Recently very popular in Europe. Awesome idea. Something new that distinguishes you from the crowd of gray and to do so in an affordable price. Mr Gugu & Miss Go, offer not only sweaters but also bikini, leggings t-shirts, etc.

poniedziałek, 12 sierpnia 2013

Sexy Aprons

Why do not look sexy in the kitchen. Now you can! These are super sexy aprons in which cooking will be even more plesant and will give you so much fun. Nice and unique design and very good quality.