piątek, 6 lutego 2015

Fancy kitchen staff !

This fancy kitchen stuff is no only for rich ;) It is kind of must have in each kitchen. Very good quality of this product makes, ones you get one item  from collection you will want to have everything from this branch :) 

Salad spoons

Citrus squizzer 

Collection of cutlary

Fruit holder

Water, vine or juice jug

Vine bottle opener

Beer or Cooke bottle opener

czwartek, 24 kwietnia 2014

Kitchen sponges

Funny  kitchen sponges with Quinn on the front :) This hair :) Finally maybe kids will do some job for you in the kitchen.... :)

piątek, 21 lutego 2014

Fancy Kitchen Gadget

How many times have you been annoyed catching beans or other vegetables in the pot? I bet many times :) This is very handy gadget in your kitchen. :)

czwartek, 7 listopada 2013

 This brand is called LOCAL HEROS. Easy and simple ideas for wear. Rihanna and Justin Bieber liked it so it mast be cool :)